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IF We Understand Science..... "We Can Control It"

Visit North Dakota University. NADH and FADH2 are photoacceptors in the production of ATP, a necessary food supply of human cells. NADH and FADH2 require an adequate supply of Vitamins B2 and B3.

Check the Side Effects of Drugs

RXLIST Link. Check the side effects of the drugs that you may be taking.
Drug Watch Link. Keeping your medication safe.

How many prescriptions are in your medicine cabinet?

Dr. Cohen, MD. Link In 2002, Americans filled 3,340,000,000 outpatient prescriptions.1 That's 12 prescriptions for every man, women, and child in America. Has the American dream become 2 kids, 2 cars, and a dozen drugs in each person's medicine chest? Despite a cold economy in which most industries have seen sales drop, U.S. drug sales increased substantially in 2002, reaching $219 billion. According to NDCHealth, overall drug sales (all sources) grew 12% 2002, 18% in 2001, and 15% in 2000 (based on wholesale acquisition costs). 1 The trend of doctors writing more and more outpatient prescriptions each year continues without pause

Dr. Kahn, MD.--- Link The light energy must be absorbed by the cells to stimulate healing. There is a dose response curve where too little light does not have an effect while too much power can inhibit healing. If the light source is not properly directed, the reflection of light increases substantially, reducing the dosage in the tissue.


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